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2017-2018 PACE Student Supplies List

Kindergarten and First Grade

1 Book bag (brand new donated ones are at the church for pick up)
1 Lunch bag
1 Box of 24 count crayons ( No jumbo, glitter or twist-up)
1 Box of Magic Markers 
1 Box of sharpened pencils (No mechanical or jumbo)
6 Regular size glue sticks (the jumbo ones dry out quickly)
1 Pair of safety scissors (Fiskar brand)
1 Supply box for scissors, pencils, crayons etc…(Plastic type box – Not jumbo size)
2 Clear zipper pencil pouches for binder
4 Jumbo erasers
1 Large box of tissues
2 Three-prong vinyl or plastic folder with pockets
1 Box of small and large Ziploc Bags 
1 pencil box (not bag)
4 Wide-ruled black and white marbled composition book (not spiral bound)
4 Dry erase markers (students will use these at their desks)
Hand Sanitizer

Third and Fourth Grade

1 Book bag (brand new donated ones are at the church for pick up)
1 Lunch bag
2 boxes #2 yellow pencils (Ticonderoga work best)
4 Plain plastic 3-prong folders with pockets (not paper)
1 2” 3-ring binder (Avery Heavy Duty Recommended)
1 box of Crayons (no larger than 24 ct.)
1 box of colored pencils – 12 ct.
1 box of Magic Markers 
Erasers (pencil top)
Zippered pencil pouch
5 black and white Composition books (not spiral bound) 1 spiral notebook for art and music
Expo markers
Glue sticks
Notebook paper 3 packs Index cards – 100 cards each
4 Durable 4 Pocket Folders
1 pair of earbuds
1 Index card holder
Hand Sanitizer


Upper Grades (Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh)

1 Book bag (brand new donated ones are at the church for pick up)
1 Lunch bag
1 Highlighter Pack
1 Box of Magic Markers
4 Dry erase markers –Black, fine point
2 Pack #2 pencils – 24 ct. (Regular or mechanical)
1 Box colored pencils – (at least 12 ct.)
4 Regular glue sticks
4 Composition/Marble notebooks
1 Spiral notebook for specials
4 Durable Pocket Folder for PE
1 Pencil box
1 Pair of earbuds
2 Three subject notebooks
4 Packs of post-it notes
3 Packs of index cards ~ 100 ct. each
1 Index card holder
1 Elmer’s school glue – White
2 Pink erasers (or 1 pack pencil top erasers)

P.A.C.E 2017-2018 Student Uniform

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2 White and 2 Blue button down shirts

2 White polo shirts/2 Tribe color polo shirts

Long Khaki Slacks, Khaki Shorts, skorts, and/or shirts(knee length) (girls)

Long Khaki Slacks and/or Khaki Shorts (Boys)

2 PACE Polo Shirt (10.50) 

2 PACE t-shirt (9.00) 

One Navy Vest

One Navy Blazer

School tie (8.00) --

PACE will order for purchase

1 pr. of long navy pants

Parents can purchase PACE Polo Shirts for 12.00 and/or PACE t-Shirts for 11.00
Photo Jun 28, 10 25 36 PM.jpg       
                   We will take shirt orders from now until July 31st.
  • Socks and shoes are required (sandals and flip flops are not acceptable)
  • Undergarments should not be visible
  • No jeans